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  1. Can I send my payment via fax?

  2. Do Seminars on Science courses count for professional development credit in my state?

  3. Does your website support the iPad or other mobile devices? I cannot use the Weekly Content menu.

  4. How can I receive less emails about posts in the Discussion Forums?

  5. How can I save a digital/PDF copy my syllabus, checklist, or other course document?

  6. How do I access the Administration, Settings, and/or Navigation menus?

  7. How do I access the online textbook?

  8. How do I register for an IB workshop?

  9. How do I register for graduate credit? How much does graduate credit cost?

  10. How do I register?

  11. How do I view a list of my grades and feedback?

  12. How many quizzes are there for this course? How do I access the quiz for Week 2?

  13. I am having trouble resetting my password. What is my username?

  14. I have registered for a Seminars on Science course, but have not yet received log-in information. Can you please help me?

  15. I only see two sessions on the calendar. Is this course offered other times in the year?

  16. I registered for the course but haven't received my login information.

  17. I took the quiz but I don't see my score. Where is my score for the quiz?

  18. My assignment is too big. Can I submit work using email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.?

  19. My course does not show up when I log in. How do I access it?

  20. What is my username and/or password?

  21. What is your refund policy?

  22. When will I be able to view my grades? My course just ended and my grade says "Released".

  23. Where is my certificate? Can you send me a copy of my certificate?

  24. Where/when does the course meet? What time do I need to log in?

  25. Will I receive a document that verifies I completed the course?

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