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Will I receive a document that verifies I completed the course?

Everyone who takes one of our courses, regardless of them receiving graduate credit, receives a Final Assessment document, that details the student's performance in the Discussions, Assignments, and the Final Project, as well as an Overall Assessment. The Final Assessment also has written feedback from the instructor about the student's performance in the course.

The assessment range is a 4 grade scale, from "Does Not Meet Expectations", "Approaches Expectations", "Meets Expectations", to "Exceeds Expectations". A letter grade is provided to the partnering university if the student does take the course for credit. 

This document does not certify the number of hours spent in the course, however. As a point of reference, we recommend that learners spend about 8-10 hours per week on our courses. Our courses are also available for 3-4 graduate credits through our partner institutions

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