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How do I register for graduate credit? How much does graduate credit cost?

You can register for graduate credit through our partner universities. You can see a list of our partners here.

The process of registering for graduate credit is a little different for each school, but generally, you would register for the course with us, then register with the partner university, and take care of the additional fees associated with the graduate credit registration (to the school and/or us, AMNH). Once you've chosen a school, please read over their procedure carefully, and feel free to contact us or the university if you have any questions.

Please note that the processes and deadlines differ greatly between universities, and also depending on if you will register as a non-degree or degree student with the university. Make sure that you fully understand the graduate credit registration process before you enroll through us (AMNH), and before the session starts. The cost of graduate credit depends on the tuition at the school, and you can find the cost at each school, using the link above.

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